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Education Futures in Action Conference 

Sunday 4th July 2021


Changemakers present their insights around what changes are needed in the education system to reflect the needs and rights of young people.

Sophie Christophy

Sophie is CEO of Phoenix Education and principle in practice at education setting, The Cabin. She shares the motivation behind her work, stories from the journey so far, and thoughts on making the 'future' of education a reality in the here and now.

Luke Billingham and Victoria Hirst

Vicky and Luke present a brief history of how English & Welsh schools have been involved in providing wider support for local communities since the early 20th Century, before exploring a handful of current examples from across the country. We look at the enabling factors which have allowed schools to take on a wider role in their neighbourhood.

Scherto Gill

Scherto explores an understanding of well-being as our being well and living well in a holistic and fully human sense. As such, she invites the audience to reflect on why well-being must be constituted in education, and how relational processes such as valuing, caring, collaborating and co-creating can be central to students and teachers' well-being and flourishing.

Bea Herbert, Ella Gregory, Aliyah & Krystyna

Selfology: An educational alternative to the medicalisation of young people's distress.

In this session, Bea and Ella discuss the philosophy behind the creation of Selfology, a new educational programme that brings psychological theory and skills out of clinical settings and into young people’s everyday lives. They are joined by Aliyah and Krystyna, two students who participated in the programme during their time at school, to explore how the model had an impact on their personal life and understanding of mental health. They discuss their vision for the future and how Selfology can empower young people to develop a positive sense of personal identity and lead their own process of healing.

4th July 2021: Schedule
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