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Education Futures in Action Conference

Saturday 3rd July 2021

3rd July 2021: Schedule

Conference introductions by Bea Herbert & Vivian Hill

Introductions with Bea Herbert (Founder of States of Mind) and Vivian Hill (Programme Leader of the Institute of Education's DEdPsy programme and Chair of the DECP).

Chris Bagley 

Shadow Cultures: How did we get here? Chris (Educational Psychologist and Director of Research at States of Mind) explores the historical forces and shadow cultures that have shaped the development of the English education system. Why do things feel stuck and what might the future hold?

Tumi Ogundamisi, Reegan Mason & Christevie Ngoma

‘Breaking the Silence’ is a 3-year research project, led by young people and supported by psychologists from States of Mind and The Institute of Education, UCL. The ongoing research project explores the impact that the UK education system is having on young
people’s sense of identity, wellbeing and personal growth. In this session, Tumi, Christevie and Reegan explored key themes from their research and suggested ways to reform the education system to better meet the needs of young people in the 21st Century. 

David Rodrigues

David has played a leading role in the successful development of school inclusion in Portugal. He discussed the experience of inclusion in Portugal, namely the implications of considering all the schools as inclusive schools and the importance of competent and "in time" support.

Kenneth Gergen

Ken is one of the world’s leading thinkers around social construction theory, technology and cultural change, the self, and relational approaches in education. In this talk, he explores how placing the process of relating at the center of educational practices can result in positive educational transformation and more beneficial outcomes than an exam focused and outcome driven model of education.

Yoni Suissa, Amina & Bea Herbert

Teacher Yoni Suissa, Six21 Student Amina and States of Mind Founder, Bea Herbert reflected on their experiences of the States
of Mind 'Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme', a new project-based learning programme that supports young people to design peer led initiatives to support students' mental health. They explored the power dynamics, challenges and benefits that emerge in the process of trusting young people to innovate within schools and discussed
the tension that exists between processes and outcomes in the work.

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