UCL Institute of Education & States of Mind: Education Futures in Action Conference

UCL and States of Mind have brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers with a schedule full of engaging events and talks. The conference is running on the 3rd and 4th July 2021 via Zoom.


Conference Summary

Education Futures in Action is a partnership between States of Mind and the Institute of Education, University College London. Our July conference will show how the English education system impacts young people and present actionable alternatives to the educational status quo. 

Talks will be led by a range of education innovators from home and abroad, including young people, teachers, academics and other change makers. Some are innovating within the current school system, others are re-envisioning and enacting ways of educating that promote consent, democracy, self-determination and the celebration of diversity. Evidence is clear: the English education system is underpinned by ideologies that promote coercion, standardisation and segregation. This conference will show how it is possible to do things differently. 

From Autumn 2021, States of Mind will be chairing a regular Education Futures roundtable, with the aim of drawing together practitioners with the knowledge, skills and experience to co-create an alternative future for education. Please join us for the July conference and take part in this movement.